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Advanced RISC Computing (ARC) is a specification for a standard RISC-based firmware environment. Most of the various RISC-based computers designed to run Windows NT used versions of the ARC boot console to boot NT. Among these computers were:

  • DEC Alpha-based machines with a PCI bus (the Alpha ARC firmware was also known as AlphaBIOS)
  • MIPS R4000-based systems such as the MIPS Magnum workstation
  • most Windows NT-capable PowerPC computers (such as the IBM RS/6000 40P).

It was also predicted that Intel IA-32-based computers would adopt the ARC console, although only SGI ever marketed such IA-32-based machines with ARC firmware (namely, the SGI Visual Workstation series, which went on sale in 1999).

ARC and the ES40 Emulator

The ARC firmware is currently not supported by the ES40 Emulator.