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You can condense multiple URLs into a single link.

Website shortening services possess grown in popularity thanks to social networking sites, such since Twitter plus Facebook. It is possible to condense a longer URL, these kinds of seeing that some that points to a information article, to a smaller URL that is easy to post. Web shortening services allow you to use a link to place to many URLs. Three websites that deliver this service are LinkBunch, website plus internet site.

Difficulty: Uncomplicated



1 Navigate to the LinkBunch website (see Resources).

2 Enter some list regarding links into the input box on the home page.

2 Enter a record regarding links in the input boxes on the house page. If you want to add more than three links, click "Add other URL."

4 Enter your email address or an email address of the recipient regarding the link, along with a title and/or description.

5 Enter the captcha in the "Prove you are human being" box. A captcha remains a random set of numbers also letters that is used to ward off automated submission of any web site variety. Type the displayed numbers also letters in the input box.

6 Click the "Krunch it!" button. website

1 Go to website on your Web browser (see Resources).

2 Enter a list of links into the input box on the home page. Each independent link must be on a new line.

3 Click the "1link" key.

Tips & Warnings

Other websites propose similar services to the singles listed over.


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LinkBunch Krunchd web site

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