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Lace front wigs are the most popular today because of their natural appear also their ability to stay in place far better. A lace front wig will eventually need to be repaired or include thems netting replaced. Hard-front wigs, wigs lacking lace front hairlines, can be turned inside lace front with minimal work by following the identical steps.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Things You'll Need

Preparing the wig

2 If you are repairing or replacing the netting on a lace or lace front wig, fold it under the wig. Produce definite that you work never fold over too much and catch the hairline under the wig as this would create any new plus reduced natural hairline.

3 If the lace netting is long enough, fold it to the initial line about galloon ribbon. If it remains longer than the initial stay or galloon ribbon, trim it to this point plus pin it in place. If it is shorter, fold it like far as it will go plus sew in place there.

Adding the Lace

1 Cut a strip of netting the period of the front hairline of the wig and about 1 inch extensive (it will be trimmed again later whenever being fitted to the brain).

2 Using a needle plus thread, sew only edge about the new strip of lace netting to the initial stay or galloon ribbon, making of course to capture the folded piece about the old netting with it.

4 At this point, the wig may be worn as-remains. Though, you can create a more natural-looking hairline in adding any row or two of hair to the new netting at the hair line using the single or below knotting means. To make this, place the wig on the wig block or some ball to fill it outside. Knot the hair (preferably hair that matches the wigs hair) to the netting.

Tips & Warnings

The knot used for attaching hair netting yous the similar kind employed in making latch hook rugs, only on any smaller scale. Carry out never pull stitches too limited. You do never want to create darts or creases from the wig.


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Knotting Technique

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