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Whenever you afford valuable resources on the Web, it generates sense to want to protect your services by charging members to make use of it. One efficient way to do this is to build a website that only paid members can access. Member management tools simplify the Web development process through handling the member database with you.

Trouble: Challenging


1 Choose a unique identify for your business that indicates what you supply, such because "Tech Area" to a programmers' resource. Contact the county clerk and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to make indeed your business identify isn't too similar to anyone else's.

2 Purchase any Web hosting account and a domain name that is matches the identify of your business. Having your own domain makes it easier for visitors to remember your Web address. For instance, website" is easier to remember than website."

4 Sign awake for a PayPal accounts. Go to the "Merchant Services" location and generate a "Buy Nowadays" key with access to your internet site. Arranged the member registration page of your web site since the destination address following a finished payment, and website" because the destination address after some canceled payment. You will make "index.html" later.

6 Pattern your website as typical. Make some page called "home.html" to serve seeing that a residence page for settled members, since "index.html" is the home page for the general public.

Entrepreneur: Choose the Appropriate Domain Name. link building.


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