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The Apple iPhone is under constant improvement, and software updates are released for the phone on a regular basis. These updates can deliver new features or applications, and often result in functioning enhancements with the device. Use iTunes to sync your iPhone, examine for software updates, also install it.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need

Apple iPhone

1 Charge the iPhone's battery completely.

3 Launch iTunes. Delay for any period to realize if a window appears asking if you would for instance to update iTunes. If an warn arrives up informing you that is an update with iTunes yous available, click "Indeed" to install it. Restart iTunes after the update is complete.

4 Connect the iPhone to your PC, and wait for it to be detected by iTunes.

5 Click the icon representing the iPhone on the left part of the screen.

7 Read the window to see what fixes and new features are available in the iPhone software update, next click "Next" to proceed by means of the installation. Your iPhone will be updated with the most recent software.


How to Update Apple's iPhone