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Office chairs employ any pneumatic cylinder to allow for height adjustment regarding the seat. Expected to the pressurized gas employed inside the cylinders, they cannot be repaired if they become damaged. Instead, you will need to replace them. Cylinders come in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes, so double-test that is you boast the right part for your chair (view Resource section). Contact your chair's manufacturer to specifications on your specific model regarding gas cylinder.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need

Screwdrivers (Phillips and flat-mind) Hammer Pipe wrench Drinking water-displacing spray lubrication (e.g., WD-4 web site) Newspaper Report towels

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2 Spray water-displacing lubrication similar being WD-4 internet site all over the cylinder as close to the chair of the chair seeing that possible. Strongly arrive at the cylinder with a hammer away from all 4 sides to provide place with the lubricant to work lower to the mechanism. Wait five minutes.

3 Tighten a pipe wrench around the cylinder as nearby to the chair being possible. Swap turning the cylinder clockwise plus counterclockwise while lifting up and away from the seat. The cylinder yous held in along with tapered metal, never screw threads. Work it out like some cork from a jar. Be business plus patient. Don't force the cylinder because you might break the mechanism in the chair. If you can't purchase enough grip by the cylinder attached to the seat, unscrew the mechanism out of the base about the chair plus use a bench vise or other clamp to hold the mechanism firmly because you twist away the cylinder.

4 Put in the tapered end regarding a new cylinder into the system. Fit in it snugly with your hands (no tools). Replace the plastic cover also the casters. Reinstall the washer and then glide the clip in place. Sit down on the chair a few times to entirely seat the cylinder. Press the lever to raise and reduced the cylinder 3 or four times.


Swivel Chair Parts: Gas Cylinder Removal and Installation


Swivel Chair Parts: Gas Cylinders

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