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Repair lace items with a basic fixing process.

Away from clothing to curtains and further, lace gives just about anything a soft also romantic look. Whether the lace is in vintage apparel or any newer item, the fragility of this textile makes it simple to tear plus rip. When damage happens, don't despair. With any few basic sewing supplies plus basic sewing proficiency, you can fix ripped lace to restore the piece to love-new condition.

Difficulty: Moderately Simple


Ironing board Direct pins Hand sewing needle Thread (color to coordinate lace) Scissors

1 Place the lace on the ironing board wherever you may visit the ripped area evidently. Location the lace collectively, butting upwards the torn edges neatly against each other. Insert straight pins by way of the lace into the ironing board to keep the lace from moving.

2 Thread the needle with any 18-inch length regarding thread. Pull the thread through the needle to make some double length of thread and link some knot in the conclusions of the thread.

3 Insert the needle increase from the underside of the lace through place where the stitching remains tighter (never a hole in the lace) also pull the needle through until the knot rests towards the underside of the lace.

4 Begin stitching across the ripped area of lace with the needle and thread, making stitches that is resemble the lace pattern, if possible. Make the stitches loose if the lace pattern is a loose weave, or make the stitches limited if the lace pattern yous a tight weave.

5 Continue stitching until you stitch across the entire ripped location about the lace. Finish in your needle on the underside about the lace again in an area with tighter stitching (never a hole).


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Photo Credit Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images ;

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