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The Breeders' Cup isn't one event that is a possible spectator can simply pay for tickets to Web or on any box office. In order to get reserved seats with the Breeders' Cup, a consumer must first apply to the seats plus consequently wait to see if he is chosen by means of a random ticket assignment method. Though the specifics vary depending on the location about the race, the essential application course of action generally remains the similar each and every year.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Use any computer to log onto the Breeders' Cup internet site and carry out a search with "tickets." The website houses ticketing information, including everywhere to obtain a ticket application with the Breeders' Cup. See the Assets section to some link.

2 Follow the instructions on the ticketing page to navigate to the ticket application. Either fill out and submit the application Web or print the application also mail the completed form to the address supplied on the website. The application will ask for the candidate to rank his preferred seating and supply a credit card number and address for the tickets to be delivered.

3 Wait for confirmation. All ticket applications are entered on a random attract process that assigns seats to observers based on choices, so it may take four to six weeks to obtain detect. If issued, tickets are shipped to the address supplied on the application by means of Express Service in regard to a month previous to the race date.

Tips & Warnings

Means. horse racing.

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