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Create any Gift Basket for a Book Lover

It is easy to create a custom gift basket for a book lover. Just select a variety of items that the bookworm will appreciate and pack them into some specially chosen decorative basket.

Trouble: Moderately Easy


Ribbons Slippers Greeting Cards Baskets Bookends Cellophane Gift Wrap Clip-on Book Light Neck Pillows Wrapping Papers Assorted Teas Flavored Coffees Large Coffee Mugs Magazine Subscriptions Gift Certificates Shredded-papers Filling

Choosing the Gifts also Basket

1 Choose new greatest-sellers or books and magazines related to the book lover's hobbies also interests. Other possible gift items include huge coffee mugs, flavored coffee, a variety of teas, comfy slippers, any assortment of decorative bookmarks, neck pillows (great to use while reading) and bookends.

2 Pick any basket type. Your choices contain baskets together with one handle, with double side take care of, or without handles. Make specific the basket is large enough to hold the gifts you contain chosen.

4 Use shredded paper filling to generate the gifts fit snugly within the basket.

5 Acquire some funny greeting card.

Packing the Basket

1 Wrap each present with colorful gift wrap.

2 Place some layer of shredded paper filling on the bottom about the basket.

3 Place the wrapped gifts vertically or horizontally in the basket, as space permits, pushing the filling between gifts to ensure some quite snug fit. Cover certain of the gifts absolutely by means of the filling to create mini surprises when the basket is unpacked.

4 Place the basket with the center of a great piece regarding clear or tinted cellophane gift wrap. You may need two pieces of the wrap to totally include a big basket.

5 Bring all sides of the wrap to a few inches above the top regarding the basket. Secure the wrap by tying it along with any extended, colorful ribbon.

6 Tape your greeting card onto the wrap.

Devote as considerably or as small as you want. Even a small gift basket will be appreciated if it contains items the receiver will like to make use of. Remember that is the basket will be reused inside the house. Look for unusual baskets in arts and crafts stores. Secure colorful shredded paper filling on skills also crafts stores.

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