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Typhoon Chipset
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Functional Description

The Typhoon Chipset[1] is at the very heart of the ES40.

The Typhoon chipset in the ES40 consists of the following components:

  • 21274–D1 Dchip (data slice chip) – The ES40 includes eight Dchips. The Dchips interface with the system data bus and provide the data path between the CPU, DRAM memory, and the Pchip(s).
  • 21274–C1 Cchip (controller chip) – The Cchip controls the other chips in the chipset, as well as the DRAM memory array in a system. The Cchip interfaces with up to four CPU’s command and address buses.
  • 21272–P1 Pchip (peripheral interface chip) – The ES40 includes two Pchips, the interface to the PCI bus.


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