Version 0.15

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Version 0.15 corrects a few small bugs, adds instruction set completeness, true 32-bit floating point support, and increased speed.

Release Date and Download Link

Version 0.15 was released on November 8th, 2007, and can be downloaded here.


Changes from Version 0.14 are:

  • Added last missing CPU instructions (ITOFS, ITOFF). (08-nov-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Restructured floating point conversion routines. There now is a real difference between 32-bit and 64-bit floating point operations. (08-nov-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Fixed IEEE conversion problem to avoid endless loop. (07-nov-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Performance improvements to ICACHE: last result is kept; cache lines are larger (512 DWORDS in stead of 16 DWORDS), cache size is configurable (both number of cache lines and size of each cache line), memcpy is used to move memory into the ICACHE. CAVEAT: ICACHE can only be filled from memory (not from I/O). (06-nov-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Added integer /V instructions (without actual overflow detection support). (02-nov-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Added missing floating point instructions. (02-nov-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Remember the last found translation buffer entry to improve speed. (02-nov-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)