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Discontinuation Notice

ES40 emulator development has virtually been halted since 2009. The lead developer of ES40, Camiel Vanderhoevenis developing both Freeware and Commercial Alpha and VAX emulators for Migration Specialties.
FreeAXP is the Freeware Alpha emulator from Migration Specialties.
Avanti is the Freeware Alpha emulator from Migration Specialties.

Working Towards: Version 0.19 release

The most noticeable change in version 0.19 will be increased use of threading. In version 0.19, almost every device will run it's own execution thread, which will allow the emulator to make better use of multiple processor cores (if available), and will open up the way to emulating an ES40 with multiple CPU's.

The latest development snapshot available is Snapshot 20080503_1030.

ES40 Emulator Project Status
Current: Version 0.18

Recent changes

Working on...

Problem areas

We know of shortcomings in the following areas:
  • Timing problems introduced with the new threading model (needs research)
  • Multiple CPU's exhibit strange behaviour or refuse to become members of the active set (would love to have better SRM specs)
  • Ethernet has problems with non-trivial amounts of data (FTP, for instance) (needs research)
  • TCP/IP does not work with DHCP (needs research)
  • Problems in floating-point emulation (would love to have a CPU test suite)


These are some of the things we'd love to do in the future:
  • Dynamic Translation rather than Interpretation of CPU Instructions (this is complex and host-platform-dependent, but will provide a significant performance increase)