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Release Date and Download Link

Version 0.07 was released on February 16th, 2007, and can be downloaded here.


Changes from Version 0.06 are:

  • No longer load CSV files, this can be done with the LOAD CSV command in the Interactive De-Bugger. (16-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Removed most of the code from main. The main function no longer controls every clocktick, but rather transfers control directly to CSystem::Run, or to the Interactive Debugger. (16-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • In the IDB-version, the name of a script to execute can be specified on the command line (es40_idb @script). (16-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Added the Interactive Debugger (IDB). (16-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Macro's that end CAlphaCPU::DoClock() now return 0. (16-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Made a couple of printf's multi-platform-safe. (16-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Added CAlphaCPU::listing. (16-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Provide slow and fast clocks for devices. Typical fast-clocked devices are the CPU(s); most other devices that need a clock should probably be slow clock devices. (16-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • DoClock was replaced with CSystem::Run, which runs until one of the connected devices returns something other than 0; and CSystem::SingleStep. (16-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • The define DISASM_START can be set to the number of processor cycles after which the disassembly will start. (13-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • The define DO_SETPC can be set to the address of the first instruction to be executed. (13-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Different algorithm used for UMULH (previous algorithm suffered from portability issues). (13-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • Corrected some typo's in printf statements. (13-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • Bugfix in the UMULH instruction. (13-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Bugfix in the HW_MTPR VA_CTL instruction. Now updates va_ctl_va_mode instead of i_ctl_va_mode. (13-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Moved debugging macro's to cpu_debug.h. (12-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Cleaned up SEXT and REG macro's (a lot neater now). (12-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Moved CAlphaCPU::get_r and CAlphaCPU::get_prbr to AlphaCPU.h as inline functions. (12-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Use SEXT macro in a some places where exotic constructions were used previously. (12-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Added X64_BYTE, X64_WORD, X64_LONG and X64_QUAD, and used these instead of the corresponding values. (12-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Added ier to the variables that are saved to the state file. (12-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Enable eating of first characters received on serial ports (needed for now for WINDOWS). (09-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • If DO_DISASM is defined, disassembly will be output. (09-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Only open an IDE disk image, if there is a filename. (09-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Moved debugging flags (booleans) to CSystem.cpp. (09-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Removed loggin of last_write_loc and last_write_val. (09-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Disable eating of first characters received on serial ports. Treat Telnet commands properly for Linux. (07-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • Debugging functions are enabled only when compiling with IDB defined (Interactive Debugger, a future feature). (07-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Configuration file may be specified on the command line. (07-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • Load disk images according to the configuration file. (07-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • Remove FindConfig function, and load configuration file from the CSystem::CSystem constructor. (07-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • CTraceEngine is no longer instantiated as a member of CSystem. (07-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Removed a lot of pointless IDE messages. (07-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Made various dubugging-related statements dependent on the definition of IDB (interactive debugger). (07-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • RUN_LT can be defined to provide a breakpoint (end if pc < defined value). (03-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Restructure Linux/Windows CSerial code mixing to make more sense. (03-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Eat first incoming characters on serial ports (so we don't burden the SRM with weird incoming characters. (03-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • No longer start PuTTy. We might just want to do something wild like connecting from a different machine! (03-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Support for 4 IDE disks. (03-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • Fixed error in trace_dev. String is no longer interpreted by printf. (03-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Inline function printable moved to StdAfx.h. (03-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Add definition of _strdup for Linux' benefit. (03-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • Support for execution speed timing on Linux. (03-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • Removed last conditional for supporting another system than an ES40 (#ifdef DS15). (03-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • FindConfig() now returns the default value rather than crashing when none of the standard configuration files can be found. (03-feb-2007, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Portability of 64-bit constants (03-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • Added possibility to load a configuration file. (03-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • Add Linux support to CSerial. (03-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • Scanf and printf statements made compatible with Linux/GCC/glibc. (03-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)
  • Includes are now case-correct (necessary on Linux). (03-feb-2007, Brian Wheeler)